Chief Content Officer

Stephanie has been in public education for twenty-eight years, teaching preschool, elementary and middle school classes in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. The focus of her career has been on helping students overcome barriers that impact their learning, by creating an environment centered on relationships, engagement and growth. Her philosophy of teaching is based on her belief that curiosity is the foundation of learning. Students can be given the gift of curiosity by being encouraged to ask questions and monitor their learning using critical thinking, questioning and background knowledge to gain new understanding.   

Stephanie spent two years as an Instructional Coach, presenting professional development at the building and district level and working with individual teachers to improve their practice. She has been a mentor for new teachers in each district she has taught and was chosen Teacher of the Year for her elementary school in 2010. 

In 2019, she was part of a district team working with the University of Virginia, Partnership for Leaders in Education. The team made site visits to transformation schools in Atlanta, Georgia learning research-based practices to strengthen leadership and improve student outcomes. She completed training with Tina H. Boogren PhD, Supporting Beginning Teachers, at the Marzano Research Training Center in Denver, Colorado.  Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute is another training that has influenced her teaching. Over the course of three years, she learned strategies to integrate other academics with the arts, increasing engagement and providing an environment where each student could thrive. 

In addition to having a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Stephanie is working on her Master of Science in Professional Counseling with Emphasis on Childhood and Adolescence Disorders, completion 2022. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Epstein is a Florida-based entrepreneur and the Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer of NexGen Tutoring. As CEO, Mike is focused on guiding the direction of the company while helping students, tutors, parents and partners enhance their education and lifestyle through the NexGen Tutoring platform.

Mike has spent the last 25 years in the customer experience management industry where he has served in numerous executive roles leading global operations and developing worldwide Sales and Partnership channels. Most recently, Mike founded NexGen Agency, a leading VIP customer management provider which delivers world class customer experiences through all communication channels. In just a few years, Mike led the exceptional growth of NexGen Agency on a global level from 1 to over 300 employees in several countries.

Mike is also an accomplished musician. He has had the opportunity to write and produce music with several well-known artists and has always been a big supporter of child development through the creative arts. Additionally, Mike is active in the local education community and has served on several boards, led sponsorship initiatives, and spearheaded fundraisers both in the public and private sectors.

Chief Technology Officer

Martin is a senior business process expert with 30+ years of experience in all areas of contact center operations and marketing, as well as extensive experience managing national enrollment center initiatives and processes. Martin is a passionate leader with a proven track record in implementing complex operational processes, marketing strategies, recruiting and hiring processes, and technology infrastructures.

Martin has spent the last 16 years in the health insurance industry; leading technology and operations teams to ensure maximum value and efficiency, while maintaining regulatory compliance and infrastructure reliability and flexibility. Martin is especially adept at fostering professional relationships in order to maximize mutual value and success.

Most recently, at the onset of the 2020 global pandemic, Martin led his team to seamlessly migrate all operations from physical brick-and-mortar locations, to a 100% remote work-from-home model, with zero down-time from one day to the next. This allowed all employees to continue working and not be financially impacted by the drastic change in operational model. Martin is particularly proud of this achievement.

Having helped raise 5 children, Martin has a special appreciation for a quality education and has seen first-hand how each individual student has unique needs and learning styles and how being matched with the right tutors can greatly impact their success in school and beyond.

In addition to countless professional certifications, developmental courses, and involvement with various business and regulatory compliance groups, Martin is an active musician and has a deep appreciation for the arts and the impact they have on young people, especially during critical, early developmental phases in their lives.

Product Management Intern

Macy is a student of global business management and entrepreneurship through Universidad Europea in Valencia, Spain. During her studies, she has traveled to The Netherlands to study intercultural communication with Hogeschool Van Amsterdam. She has participated in the Amazon Campus Challenge, working with a local olive oil company to modernize their business and sell their products internationally with Amazon. She has led diverse teams of students during International Marketing Week to create new marketing and exporting plans for farmers’ cooperative. Macy has been the delegate of her degree program for three consecutive years, providing a clear path of communication between students and university administration.

She has been a K-12 tutor for the past five years and is excited for the opportunity to share her love of learning through an innovative education business.

Advisory Board

These individuals have been selected because of their passion for education, the well-being of our students, and the overall best interest of NexGen Tutoring. Our Advisory Board enhances the high-quality education of our students while strengthening the relationship between NexGen Tutoring and the communities it serves. Our tutors have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best educators in the field.

Beth Sizemore

Master's in Educational Administration

Administrator for Tyler ISD, Tyler, Texas
15 Years in Public Education

Ronnie Suddith

Master's in Educational Leadership

Palm Beach County School
Science Department Team Lead
11 Years in Public Education

Thuy Nguyen

National Board Certified Instructional Coach

Oklahoma City Public Schools Elementary and ESL Teacher
24 Years in Public Education

Kristen Jackson
Instructional Coach

Oklahoma City Public Schools
Title 1 Reading Teacher
Elementary and Middle Level
19 Years in Public Education

About Teaching

Honors & Awards

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Education & Training


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