Frequently Asked Questions

A private tutor offers the benefit of an individualized learning plan with pacing that allows time and attention to mastering the basics. Working with a tutor teaches students that a disciplined learning routine is important for long term academic success. Your child’s consistent effort can lead to increased academic interest and confidence in the classroom.

NexGen Tutoring is an online but personal approach to learning. We believe in the importance of the student and tutor having a positive working relationship to improve engagement and results. We have created opportunities for one-to-one sessions as well as events and experiences where students can connect with other students in a group learning session.

Our proprietary Intelligent Matching algorithm uses information about students and tutors to sort and match personality types, needs, interests, skill levels, and location through artificial intelligence.

We believe our students deserve the best tutors, so we offer the best! Our tutors are highly qualified, subject experts. We have built a team of academic scholars who are able to teach content and act as role models for the following: good study habits, goal setting, successful organizational skills, and time management. In today’s world staying connected to someone relatable is critical to mental health. Our students feel a connection with our college tutors which adds a willingness to commit time to their learning, and it makes it FUN!

All of our tutors must pass a rigorous application process including an extensive background check, repeated annually. No personal information is exchanged between student and tutor. All work is completed in our proprietary, secure, online classroom and monitored by NexGen Tutoring Management.

NexGen tutors agree not to use this site to complete assignments, write papers, take tests for a student, or complete work that would violate conduct policies of a school, university, or academic institution. Our tutors are here to support students in completing their own work by helping them learn to solve problems and reach the answers on their own.

Your child’s tutor will spend the final few minutes of the session reflecting with your child on what went well and what questions your child still has. The tutor will communicate progress by leaving session notes for the parents on the child’s account.

The goal of our Intelligent Matching is to provide a tutor who can meet your family’s unique schedule. The hours for tutoring will be agreed upon between you and your tutor.

Yes, each session is recorded. The recordings are for quality control, addressing customer issues, if any, and for further reference by the student or parent. Your session recording can only be accessed by the parent, the student, or authorized NexGen Tutoring personnel. Your session recordings are available for reference for a period of 30 days from the date of the session.

Log in to our website, using your username and password. On clicking my recordings you will view a list of session recordings of the last 30 days. Play the recording you wish to review.

After selecting a learning plan and a tutor, you will be prompted with your selected tutor’s calendar, and you may schedule your sessions accordingly.

Yes. Students may have tutors in multiple subjects, using the same learning package. Separate tutors may be selected for each subject.

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