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Why Should I Hire a Tutor?

A private tutor offers the benefit of an individualized learning plan with pacing that allows time and attention to mastering the basics. Working with a tutor teaches students that a disciplined learning routine is important for long term academic success. Your child’s consistent effort can lead to increased academic interest and confidence in the classroom.

Join our learning community today and give your child the opportunity for:

Individualized instruction
Support with
special projects
Help preparing for tests
Confidence to reduce stress caused from falling behind
A safe online learning community to connect with others in one-to-one learning and group learning events

Peace of Mind

You are not alone in keeping up with the changes in education that are happening every day. All parents have many responsibilities at work and at home, and they deserve me-time and family-time too! We know it is not easy helping your child with their schoolwork. NexGen Tutoring is here to support students so they are prepared for their future, while also supporting parents in providing balance to their responsibilities.

Why We Use College Students as Our Tutors

We believe our students deserve the best tutors, so we offer the best! Our team of academic scholars are able to act as role models for the following:

Good study habits
Goal Setting
Successful organizational skills
Time Management
Teaching engagement strategies

In today’s world staying connected to someone relatable is critical to our mental health. Our students feel a connection with our college tutors which adds a willingness to commit time to their learning, and it makes it FUN! "They inspire with their passion for their subject area". All of our NexGen certified tutors are supported by an academic team to ensure the best educational strategies are available.

Will the Tutor Just Give My Child the Answers

NexGen tutors agree not to use this site to complete assignments, write papers, take tests for a student or complete work that would violate conduct policies of a school, university, or academic institution. Our tutors are here to support students in completing their own work by helping them learn to solve problems and reach the answers on their own.

We Are a Safe Online/Offline Environment

All of our tutors must pass a rigorous application process including an extensive background check, repeated annually. No personal information is exchanged between student and tutor. All work is completed in our proprietary secure online classroom and monitored by NexGen Tutoring Management.