Privacy Policy

Welcome to NexGen Tutoring!

Each NexGen Tutoring session is 60 minutes long, and tutors are paid $30 per session. You will need to become familiar with the platform and resources. Please email me to schedule a fifteen-minute Google Meet session, so I can help you get started. We want you to communicate to us what is working well for you and what is not working so you can have the support you need to be successful.

Tutoring Policies and Procedures

Cancellations, Late Arrival and No Shows

    If you need to reschedule your session, contact your student as soon as possible.

    Parents may reschedule your tutoring session with no penalty up to 24 hours before the scheduled session. If however, they cancel within 24 hours of the session, payment is due in full.

    You are required to wait 15 minutes before marking a student as a NO SHOW.

    If the student is a no-show, the payment for the session will still be paid.

    Because the nature of the tutoring sessions is to improve academic performance, it is encouraged that the student attends regularly and on time.

Communication and Behavioral Policies

    Tutors will be communicating with students in a variety of ways. Please be familiar with our policies for establishing successful relationships online:

    Be polite, courteous, and professional in all emails.

    Be clear and precise in your language. This is especially important if you are explaining a concept to a student through written communication.

    During sessions, use the video feature so that your student can see their tutor at all times. Encourage your student to also use this feature for the most effective sessions.

Communicating with Students

    Email your students prior to your first online session with instructions on how to use the tutoring website. A sample letter is included at the end of this information.

    Students may email you with more specific questions about the material outside of any tutoring sessions. Be sure to set limits with students when it comes to responding to emails. This means letting them know that you will get back with them within 24 or 48 hours. Your tutoring time should be limited to the duration of the scheduled online session. If you are receiving multiple emails from an individual student on a regular basis, report this to your Team Leader.

    If you feel there is workplace harassment of any kind involving your student or their family, this issue needs to be documented and your Team Leader needs to be notified immediately.

Privacy Guidelines:

    Choose a professional place to work from that is free from distractions and offers you and your student privacy during your session.

    Tutors will not take pictures or recordings of their sessions on personal devices.

    Tutors will not mention specific students or details from tutoring sessions on social media.

Tutoring Expectations

  1. Tutors will learn how to use the NexGen Tutoring site before their first session so they are prepared to assist students with troubleshooting.
  2. Tutors will login to the session early enough to ensure that it is working properly.
  3. Tutors will check their email regularly and keep track of their scheduled sessions.
  4. Please be presentable. Remember to dress for success for all sessions, virtual or in person.
  5. Tutors will only commit to sessions that will fit their schedule to avoid having to reschedule sessions. If you have to miss a scheduled session, contact the family as soon as possible, and send an email to your Team Leader with the details of when the rescheduled session will take place.
  6. Have extra material. When planning for a new student, be aware of what type of help they need. Many students will bring their own homework, textbooks and other materials to the session, but always make sure you have extra material to engage them throughout their entire time slot they have scheduled.. Remember, the more fun your students have with the material, the more they will learn from and enjoy your sessions.
  7. Make it personal and interactive. When you’re planning your sessions, make sure that each session is tailored for the specific needs of each of your students. Every student has their own learning style, and it is up to you to recognize it and nurture it. One thing, however, that should be common to all sessions is for them to be interactive. Allow the student to actively participate both by doing and by asking questions while you guide them.
  8. While working with students through NexGen Tutoring, all relationships should be kept as professional relationships only.
  9. Use expressive body language. When Skyping with friends, it is very easy to sit back in your chair and answer questions. In professional tutoring your body language plays a large part in engaging the students with the material. Keep your eyes focused on the student. Keep your posture straight and your body animated (as much as possible in these conditions). If you seem bored, they will also become disengaged. You can only expect as much interest for the material as you yourself show.

Tutoring Session Information

Before your first session with a new student:

    Send an email to your new student introducing yourself and giving instructions on how to join your first session on A sample email template is included in this welcome information.

Planning a Productive Session

    Start off with something positive by having the student share something good from their school week.

    Have a goal for the time together that both the tutor and the student are aware of.

    Stay aware of how time is being spent.

    Instruction: Encourage discussion during your session rather than lecturing or direct instruction.

    Reflection: The final 3-5 minutes will be used to review what the student learned and wants to work on next session. Use questions to review progress.

    -What has gone well?

    -What are you seeing that shows this strategy is successful?

    -What did you learn?

    -What surprised you?

    -What roadblocks are you running into?

    You could also have the student tell you a question they still have. This will prompt the student to think about the lesson, and it will also give the tutor insight into what could be worked on in the next session.

    Type these reflections in the session notes for the parents to see on the student’s account.

    Let your student know you appreciate them coming to the session, and provide a positive comment to end on.

    Prompt the student to click “End Session”. When both the student and the tutor click “End Session”, payment to the tutor for that session will be made.

In Person Tutoring

  1. What is the Academic Dishonesty Policy for NexGen Tutoring?

    Our tutors agree not to use this site to complete assignments, write papers, take tests for a student or complete work that would violate conduct policies of a school, university, or academic institution. Our tutors are here to support students in completing their own work.

  2. What strategies can I use when working with a new student?

    Be prepared. Make sure you understand why they are here for tutoring. What concerns does the parent have? What concerns does the student have?

  3. How can I learn my student’s unique needs?

    Ask students open-ended questions. What is working well for you? (with classwork, with organizing, with test-taking, in other tutoring experiences) Ask what is not working well right now.

  4. What support does NexGen Tutoring offer their tutors?

    NexGen Tutoring has an academic team to provide effective instructional strategies that are critical to providing an effective tutoring program. When you are hired, you will be given the contact information for your Team Leader. You are encouraged to contact your Team Leader for ideas that involve guided practice, best practices for interacting with students online, and how to resolve technology issues.

  5. How will I measure progress?

    Assessments are needed for the purpose of guiding the tutoring process. The information from the assessments will identify what the student currently knows and what they need to work on. Assessments can be as short as one question. Tutors should track the progress of their students to gather data that will guide them in adjusting strategies and improving learning.

    Progress can be measured by setting goals and determining steps for reaching that goal. Plan a pre-assessment to identify what the student currently knows and what they need to work on. Provide opportunities for the student to work with you, ask questions and try the skill on their own so you can see their process. Use the same assessment to monitor growth after the practice.

  6. What is intrinsic motivation?

    Intrinsic motivation comes from being guided by internal passion and curiosity. When a tutor customizes the learning to meet the student’s needs and finds ways to make the subject interesting and applicable, it can improve a child’s intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation produces long-term results.

Sample Welcome Letter to New Students

Hello [Student’s Name],

My name is _______________, and I will be working with you on [type subject they chose for tutoring]. We will be working together to help you achieve your goals.
Our first session is scheduled for [type the date and time]. You will join our session by [type directions for logging in].
I am looking forward to getting to know you as we work together. See you soon!

[Your Name]