How Does the Intelligent Matching Process Work?

Our proprietary Intelligent Matching algorithm uses information about students and tutors to sort and match personality types, needs, interests, skill levels, and location through artificial intelligence.

Getting Specific Data From the Student

Parents will answer questions about their child’s interests and abilities, as well as their biggest needs and goals. Data will be gathered about activities and schedules to help you move forward with the right tutor for your child.

Getting Specific Data From the Tutor

Each NexGen Tutor has answered questions about their skillset, background, interests, location, and availability.

Using Data and Technology to Make an Intelligent Match

Our propriety software finds the best tutors for your child based on the important criteria that was shared.

NexGen Tutoring wants your tutor’s personality and teaching to be most effective for your child’s learning style.

Greatest Benefits
  • Personalized approach and pace
  • Improves attitude towards learning and school
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Improves work and study habits
  • Creates a positive workspace
  • Encourages independence and responsibility
  • Improves social and behavioral skills
  • Creates a positive connection between your child and their tutor